Teams competing in The Champions League:
1.World Cup Shooting Stars (large all girl)
2. World Cup Suns (medium all girl)
3. World Cup Odyssey (medium coed)
4. Georgia Allstars (large coed)
5. Top Gun (large coed)
6. ACE Warriors (large coed)
7. Cheer Extreme SSX (small all girl)
8. Cheer Extreme Coed Elite (large coed)
9. Cheer Extreme Senior Elite (large all girl)
10. East Celebrity Elite C5 (medium coed)
11.Stingrays Orange (large all girl) 
12. Stingrays Peach (medium all girl)
13. Maryland Twisters F5 (medium all girl)
14. Maryland Twisters Reign (medium coed)
15. Woodlands Elite Generals (small all girl)
16.California Allstars Coed (large coed)
17. California Allstars Lady Bullets (small all girl) 
18. California Allstars Smoed (small coed) 
19. California Allstars Aces (medium all girl)
20. Green Bay Elite (small all girl) 
21.Brandon Allstars Senior Black (small coed) 
22. ICE Lady Lightning (small all girl) 
23. Spirit Of Texas (medium coed) 
24. Cheer Athletics Panthers (large all girl) 
25. Cheer Athletics Cheetahs (large coed) 
26. Gymtyme Platinum (medium coed) 
27. Rockstar Cheer The Beatles (small coed 5) 
28. Twist & Shout Obsession (medium coed 5) 
Good luck to ALL the teams competing at the first ever Champions League!
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