This is the official list of all the teams/gyms performing at The Majors!

World Cup Suns’ new uniforms!

Here are the teams competing in the 2015 champions league in LA!

RIP to Dani Cogswell! 22 (On the right) This morning this beautiful angel was called home. You will be dearly missed and prayers go out to you and your family and the Louisville cheer team. Rest easily angel! Keep cheering up there and watch over us!


I miss this team so much wow

Stingray Allstars new uniforms! crop tops for worlds teams (with the team name on the back) & full tops for the non-worlds teams!

Here are the medium coed teams competing at The Majors!
Here’s a crop top version of Gymtyme’s new uniforms!
Gymtyme’s new uniforms for their non-worlds teams!

Here’s the teams competing in the all girl division at The Majors 2015!

F5 has just announced that they will be competing at the Majors!
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